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Terms and Privacy

Legal and Privacy

Grupo Regalii, Inc. (“Regalii”) is a software service provider headquartered in New York, New York. This overview shows you the essential elements of the xPay, xData, and xChange products (the “Regalii Services”). If you have questions about specific products, please contact us.


Regalii offers you its API to provide your end users with the Regalii Services. Your service agreement will contain further details of your rights and obligations.

Authorized Use

You must only use the service to connect your end users to the financial intuitions and service providers that they authorize. You are not permitted to resell or otherwise distribute the Regalii

Services nor may you use the Regalii Services for any other purpose.

You must be legally authorized to do business. You must maintain any applicable U.S. federal and state licenses required to conduct your business, and your business must always remain in good standing in the appropriate jurisdiction(s).

Your end users must authorize the use of the Regalii Services. You are responsible for obtaining legally appropriate authorization from your end users to allow Regalii to access and transmit their data as necessary to provide the Regalii Services.

You are responsible for all end user activity conducted via the Regalii Services. Regalii may suspend your access to the Regalii Services if Regalii knows or reasonably suspects your systems have been breached, or if your use in any way compromises the Regalii Services.


Regalii ensures it protects any nonpublic personal financial information it may come into contact with so that you meet all requirements of the Gramm-Leach- Bliley Act (15 USC § 6809) and its implementing regulations. Regalii does not disclose or use any nonpublic personal financial information except to the extent necessary to carry out its obligations or where required by law.

Regalii does not disclose any nonpublic personal financial information to any third party processors without a written agreement from the third party processor to use or disclose such information only to the extent necessary to carry out its obligations to Regalii.


Regalii cooperates with all reasonable due diligence requests of its partners.

Regalii reviews all partners for suitability including OFAC and related screening of your primary officers and directors. You must agree to participate in Regalii’s due diligence efforts to use the

Regalii Services. Regalii’s compliance department may suspend the Regalii Services in part orin whole at any time and for any reason.