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Solutions for Remittance Companies

Is your customer's family taken care of? Know without a doubt.

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Regalii Solution

Remittances are fundamentally about paying the bills and putting food on the table.

But sending money back doesn't provide your customers confidence in either of these things.

The sender has no visibility into how and when funds are spent, and can't know for sure if their family is actually paying the bills they need to pay.

Receiving money is dangerous: Two thirds of remittance recipients are women, many of whom are mothers or grandmothers. Receiving money requires walking around with large sums of money - risking being robbed.

Now with Regalii xPay, your customers can directly pay all their family's expenses using the Regalii platform.

Regalii gives control back to the sender, allowing immigrants to take care of their loved ones' basic necessities directly, as if they were back home.

Customers love it as an alternative to sending money because:

1 - Regalii provides complete transparency: The sender has direct insight into all their family's expenditures in one place, allowing them to know for sure that the funds they send are used as intended.

2 - Paying bills directly is safer than sending money, because recipients avoid the travel that requires picking up cash to pay bills.

Other benefits to you

Increase customer retention

Bill payment is inherently stickier than traditional money transfers since bills require a payment every month.

Data for communication

Outstanding bills provide you with a reason to communicate with your customers over SMS.

Increase volume

According to the RIO, consumers who pay bills between countries are 41% more likely to send money on a monthly basis.

Case Study


Regalii powers IDT (Nasdaq: IDT) cross-border bill pay capabilities, enabling payments from the U.S. throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia.