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Solutions for Mobile Wallets

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Regalii Solution

Problem: Your customers are getting taken advantage of

Many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Those most in need of financial assistance are often the customers who are most frequently taken advantage of.

They're the ones who are racking up credit card debt, getting hit with late fees and getting the worst rates on their mortgages. For these customers, life is very stressful.

Solution: Give them peace of mind with xData

xData pulls the information from all of your customers billers to provide your customers with a clear financial picture of where they stand.

You can report on simple things, like how much is due, or more time-sensitive scenarios such as when to warn them when they will incur late fees or should be paying less than their monthly rate.

Other benefits to aggregators

Stay on top of usage

Tell your customers when they are nearing their data, voice or other limits. Advise them when they pay more than their neighbor.

Find their bills

Use Plaid to find the bills that a card was paying on a recurring basis to import the bills into your app.

Monetize Payments

Allow your customers to pay their bills via the application by replacing the credit card on file with the card you own.