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Solutions for Banks & Card Issuers

Make 100% of your new card holders profitable from day one.

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Regalii Solution

Problem: 80% of your cards will never be activated

You know the stats: For every card issued, 80% of them never see a single transaction. Because you need to pay monthly to retain them, not to mention fees to replace them each time they are stolen, these inactive cards chip away at your profitability every day. With Regalii xChange, you can finally address this.

Solution: Use xChange to activate 100% of your cards

With Regalii xChange, you can make 100% of your cards active from day one, with no wait time, even for the card to arrive in the mail. Regalii xChange allows you to become the preferred method of payment for all of the monthly payments that your customers are already making with other cards or checks. With an average $500 in recurring expenses, that’s $500 gross volume that can be set up to go through your new card — from day one!

How it Works

1. Issue your card to customer

Issue your card to your customers and send it to them in the mail

2. Link customer's billing accounts

While they wait for their card to arrive, have them link their billing account in your app

3. Make your card their new default method of payment

Submit a request to the Regalii API to change their payment default to your new issued card

4. See transactions hit your card

With these new defaults in place and auto payment turned on, each time a bill is issued, your card will be used for the payment.

Other ways to use Regalii

Real-time balances

Use xData to see real-time balances and usage data of all the accounts that your customers own.

Import bills

Use Plaid to find the bills that a previous card was paying on a recurring basis and update its payment settings with xChange.

Monetize Payments

Route any payment to a biller through their username/password to use your card for a one-off payment.