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5,250 billers, 11 countries, 8 currencies, 1 platform

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Pay thousands of billers all over the world. Pay thousands of billers.


1. Link a billing account

Just pass in the biller ID and the customer’s username/password or account number

"biller_id" : 121 ,
"username" : "foo" ,
"password" : "bar"

2. Send a request to pay

Pass in the amount to pay

"amount" : 10.0 ,
"currency" : "MXN"

3. See the bill as paid

The payment will be reflected on their bill either immediately or 24 hours later.

How to benefit from xPay

Pay using an account number

Transact via passing in the customer's account number if you know it

Pay using login credentials and a credit card

Gain revenue on the interchange fees of paying bills

Who do you want to pay?

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