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Jobs at Regalii


About Regalii

Regalii is a dynamic young company redefining how people manage their finances. We provide rich financial data that allows financial institutions to make smart business decisions regarding their customer’s financial behavior. By tracking over a dozen data points, companies can gain insights into their customer’s data usage patterns, payment history, due dates, and much more. End users benefit from the simplicity and ease of linking multiple bills to one simple dashboard, allowing them to get a better handle on their financial picture.

Regalii is backed by several famous investors, including YCombinator (S 13), the Winklevoss twins, Andreessen Horowitz, Alexis Ohanian, Brad Feld, Tucker Max and Mitch Kapor.

As part of our team, you will play an instrumental role in planning the architecture, implementing services, and driving technology strategy as we scale out our solution. You’ll also be able to work on key products that help make peoples financial lives a little easier in the process. Are you ready for the challenge?

More info: TechCrunch , How We Stumbled Upon a Trillion Dollar Market