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Announcing: The Regalii API!

Posted on Mar 23, 2015 by Naysawn Naderi

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The Regalii API is now live! Via the Regalii API, money transfer businesses and app developers, all over the world, can now allow their customers to pay their bills between borders.

We decided to release our API so that as many customers as possible would have the ability to pay bills in other countries. While Regalii has been growing 15% every month, 90% of remittances are still sent offline. This update brings Regalii to 90% of the remittance world.

Democratizing Access

Despite the fact that over $59 billion is sent from the US to Latin America each year, paying a bill in another country still remains an extremely frustrating experience. Numerous immigrants live their lives between two countries, with family, possessions, and responsibilities split between the two. At Regalii, this problem is very close to our hearts. Almost everyone at the company has ties to at least 2 countries!

We spent the last 2 years researching and working on an elegant solution for this particular problem and today we are excited to share a comprehensive solution for international bill payment.

We soft-launched the API earlier this year and we are already processing hundreds of thousands through it each month.

Automatic Tracking

Via the API, money transfer businesses can now track their customers’ bills, remind them when they are due, and facilitate their direct payment. Payments are applied instantly.

Until today- despite eager demand- there was not a single cross-border bill payment platform which could provide this service.

Mobile Services

Nobody loves paying their bills; we do it grudgingly, out of responsibility to keep the lights on for the people that we care about. To ensure that bills get paid, it is extremely important to be reminded when bills are due so that the lights stay on.

Luckily, the Regalii platform will automatically send SMS reminders to your customers when their bills are due, telling them how much they are required to pay and where they can pay.

Further, the API also allows any app developer to easily integrate bill payments directly into their application. App developers will even be able to re-create the Regalii mobile app experience themselves!

I’m excited to have a front row seat to this next step in the remittance revolution. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions:

Naysawn Naderi

Naysawn Naderi

Naysawn is the CTO of Regalii. Despite his best attempts, Naysawn continues to be known as Nelson to all Dominicans near the office.

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