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Here's $5000 - Now You're A Recruiter

Posted on Nov 30, 2015 by Naysawn Naderi

Got Developers?

The amount of competition for good people in the software industry has reached epic levels. So we’re going to try something different at Regalii.

We will pay $5000 to anyone who introduces us to a developer that we end up hiring. If it feels weird to make money off of your friends, we’ll let you split the offer with your friend who we hire - $2500 to you for referring them and $2500 to them as a signing bonus. Your call.

Overall, we think that these positions are a great opportunity for a person who is motivated by Regalii’s mission of empowering immigrants. There are tons of startups focused on making the lives of the top 1% of society better, but how many are focussed on improving the lives of the bottom 20%?

What we’re looking for

  1. We’re currently looking to hire 2 Senior Ruby on Rails Developers. We’d like to find them in New York, but we are open to them working anywhere in the Americas.

  2. We are also looking for a Chief Compliance Officer to help do due diligence with all the billers and partners which we work with.

How do you get going?

Please just reach out to your friends, letting them know about what Regalii is up to and the problems that we’re solving. If they are interested in helping to revolutionize the world of remittances, please send us an intro email (‘careers’ at with them in the cc line.

If we hire them, the bonus will be paid out to you 3 months after their start date.

Naysawn Naderi

Naysawn Naderi

Naysawn is the CTO of Regalii. Despite his best attempts, Naysawn continues to be known as Nelson to all Dominicans near the office.

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